The Story of The Bohemian Grove

John Gillen
10 min readMay 21, 2016


While I was a student at The University of Virginia, I became a member of The Jefferson Literary and Debating Society where I delivered several speeches.

I presented this during an oratorical competition.

I lost.

Assume Christianity.

Hello, my name is John Gillen and I would like to tell you all the story of the Bohemian Grove.

The story begins, as most do, in ancient Babylon, about 4,000 years ago.

The man who founded this empire has been known by many names. The Bible calls him Nimrod, which in Hebrew means Rebel.

Nimrod led all the people of Earth in the first organized and united human opposition to God in the first and last one world government.

In Genesis it says God looked down from Heaven and said We must stop this lest men become like us. And so God destroyed their tower of Babel and confounded the speech of man dividing us into tribes and nations by common language.

But the Babylonian mystery religion survived, and gave birth to all forms of paganism, the Occult, and Satanic practices.

Skipping ahead about 500 years, when God sent Moses to lead the children of Israel up out of the land of Egypt into the promised land of Canaan. He directly ordered them to destroy the holy places of these Canaanite peoples who were still practicing demon worship passed down from Babylon.

Particularly of interest to our story is the practice of burning infant children in sacrifice to a Canaanite demon-god called Moloch. This ritualistic human sacrifice was usually done on an altar, before an idol, and inside of a grove of trees.

The Bible references this ritual and these groves that serve as pagan altars dozens of times. God is direct and aggressively repetitive about his opposition to this abominable practice.